4 of the Biggest Health and Fitness Myths Related to Losing Weight

health & vitality Nov 20, 2017

In today's world, there are millions of people who aim to convince us that what they say about becoming a healthier individual is true. What if many of these statements were myths? Here is a look at 4 common misconceptions of the health and fitness industry.

#1 Exercise cancels out bad eating habits. Many people have been told that poor eating habits can be erased with exercise. However, diet accounts for about 80% of your body's health and look. It comes down to numbers. You must be able to burn more calories than consumed in order to lose weight and change your body's physical appearance.

#2 Women need different exercises than men. It's a common misconception that men lift weights while women should do aerobics or other methods of exercise. However, studies show that women and men both should be participating in strength (resistance) training in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Robert Schreiber, a physician and instructor at Harvard Medical School states, "Unless you...

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Is Pride The Pitfall Of Your Happiness And Success?

success god's way Nov 13, 2017

Pride is an attitude that we all face daily. We constantly see it tear apart people, businesses, relationships, and even nations. Pride is deceiving; It pampers you making you feel like you are better than anyone or anything. When pride is ignored or thought of as a social glitch that consumes people from time to time, it will then spread like cancer.

You Can't Beat an Enemy You Don't Know

Pride isn't always the easiest thing to recognize or understand and its difficult to beat an enemy that you don't know. The Hebrew word "pride" translates to "swollen" or "high." This translation is spot on when we realize how pride "swells" our ego into believing that we are "higher" than the rest. Putting ourselves high up on a pedestal is promoting a fall that will knock us back down to reality. Pride is the attitude that precedes a fall. Solomon states, "Pride goes before destruction and an arrogant spirit before a fall." We see it all too often where someone lets their pride shield their...

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How to Deal With Criticism And Apply It To Our Daily Lives

success god's way Nov 06, 2017

Criticism is something that we deal with every day and if you're like most of us, you hate it. Being criticized can be terribly painful and can leave a lasting impact on us. For most of us naturally handle criticism by ignoring it, running from it, denying it, getting defensive, or attacking the critic. Solomon tells us how we can embrace criticism and use it to better ourselves.

Criticism is Better Than Secret Love

Solomon talks about criticism as "secret love." In Proverbs 27:5 he states, "Open rebuke is better than secret love." What Solomon is saying is that criticism is even better than that feeling you had when you first fell in love, received your first kiss, or went on your first date. I know, that's difficult to imagine right? If you can take criticism and apply it, your success is limitless. I remember I was writing a commercial for my boss and when he first read my script he said, "It's pretty good, but there's no hook." I was devastated as I was hoping for praise....

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