7 Things Gained From Being Truly Diligent

"The leading rule for men of any calling is diligence" - Abraham Lincoln

Why be diligent? What will I actually gain from being diligent in my marriage, in my faith, at work, in athletics? In this blog, we quickly and concisely lay out the 7 things Solomon says in Proverbs that one gains in diligence.
Solomon doesn't speak of diligence as a measure of hard work, but as a measure of smart work. Just as a man shouldn't attempt to cut down a tree with a hammer, when a chainsaw is readily available, you shouldn't think of working hard when true diligence is to work smart.
To distinguish here, we are not talking about laziness. Solomon wasn't instructing us to sit around playing Candy Crush all day. Instead, he gives us 7 rewards to look forward to when we are truly diligent in our day to day life.

#1 You will gain sure advantage. Would you rather take over Walmart or Dollar General? Apple or Dell? Of course, you would like to own something with sure advantage, so why not strive for a life...

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3 Quick Reasons To Dig Deeper In Scripture

In search of wisdom and knowledge in this blog, we wanted to follow the teachings of the two wisest men who ever lived, Solomon & Jesus. In business, we say to back our statements and strategies up objectively with relevant and trustworthy data. As Christians, we know the power, wisdom, and relevancy of Solomon and Jesus’s wisdom can help us in any facet of life and should be trusted more than anything the world has to offer.

So here are our 3 quick reasons to dig deeper into scripture, and we are defending them by the teachings of the two wisest men in history, Solomon & Jesus.

#1 Solomon implores us to dig deeper to find wisdom & knowledge. If you haven’t heard us say it by now, Solomon was the richest man who ever lived. Best estimates say that in today’s dollars he would have been a “trillionaire.” This surpasses today’s richest man Jeff Bezos by ten times.

In saying that, remember that much of his wealth came from two things: the...

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Success God's Way - 3 Quick Habits To Transform Your Life

Most of the time, when the topic of success is brought up, we tend to immediately begin talking about the person and how they achieved it. As Christian with a spirit-filled perspective, we know that success is not achieved by us alone, but by a God who directs our steps.


I believe that the fewest steps to success can be found in direction and wisdom from the book of Proverbs. I can prove that this method works, because I’ve watched it work in my life and the lives of many others.  In my case, using God’s principals revealed in Proverbs, my partners and I were able to start a business with $5,000 and through the years build it to more than a dozen businesses achieving billions of dollars in sales.  I assure you, however, that it is not my principles and strategies that helped me achieve this success, but the divine direction and wisdom revealed in the book of Proverbs.


When I was twenty-six years old, a mentor told me that if I adopted these three...

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Jobless to Millionaire - The Comeback Story Of Steven K. Scott

success god's way Jan 08, 2018

How could a penniless chronic failure become a billion-dollar business builder, a NY Times best-selling author and a mentor to dozens of others who would also become multi-millionaires?

Steven K. Scott Credits the Biblical Book of Proverbs — And Proves it!

Steven K. Scott graduated from the Business College at Arizona State University with a degree in Marketing. During the next five years, he failed at eight jobs, and his income never reached half of the average American wage earner.

After losing his fifth job, an unemployed, penniless Steve Scott asked the wisest man he knew, Gary Smalley, what he could do to stop failing and start succeeding. Gary told him that if he would read a chapter of Proverbs every day, for two years, he would become wiser than all of his bosses and would probably become a millionaire within five years. Steven K. Scott took up the challenge. During the next eighteen months, he discovered profound laws of life, principles, and strategies from the book...

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3 New Ways To Improve Your Life In 2018

health & vitality Jan 01, 2018

The Japanese word kaizen simply means “change for better.” It describes this constant desire we have for bettering our self. Who we were in 2017 does not have to be who we are in 2018. Read these 3 New Ways to Improve Your Life In 2018 to help close the gap between who you are and who you want to be.


1.      Invest In Yourself

To ensure that you can excel, you must learn to build yourself up. This speaks to every level one could invest in his/her self. Some top ways to invest in yourself in 2018 are:

-          Start investing your time in a hobby you love

o   “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” – David Frost

-          Clean up your diet

o   Obesity rates are up and much of our unhappiness in 2018 stems from insecurities about our body....

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The Key to Achieving Extraordinary Success in Your Life

Fueling Your Success. Solomon talks about the importance of a power source that contributes to fuel our success. A source so potent that it can place the most out of reach dreams right in front of us for the taking. What is it? The power source of our success is vision, and the fuel is hope. We think of vision as a whimsical dream and hope as a wish. This makes these two both seem very intangible when Solomon tells us that they are in fact very real. Solomon mentions how most of us have a vague vision (being more successful, wealthier, etc.) when in fact our vision must be far more detailed. It should be a map that shows us a detailed path to a destination.

The Importance of Vision. Solomon says, "Where there is now vision, the people will perish." Vision applies to many areas of our life. When someone mentions that they are having problems with their marriage or problems at work, they usually expose what is causing these problems when they are asked to explain their...

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How To Turn A Struggling Teenager Into A Godly Success (Case Study)

success god's way Dec 18, 2017

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

Today's teenager is subject to the world and its ways at a very young age. A recent article declares today's teens as "gender fluid, hyper-stressed, politically engaged, connected, and lonely." 

A recent study reveals that teenage brains are wired for peer-pressure-related risky behavior. Today's teenager (just like every other teenager in history) has two choices in what he/she will pursue: life or death, spirit or flesh. The bible says that whichever one we pursue, we distance our self from the other. So how do you "train up a child in the way he should go" in today's world with fast-paced decisions, sharing, and instant gratification.

Today we have for you a case study of a man's downward spiral resurrected by the wisdom and knowledge in the book of Proverbs.

Below is the success story of George Reninger, a troubled teen turned Godly millionaire.


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7 Proven Strategies For Eating Healthier Than You Are Now

health & vitality Dec 11, 2017

#1 Begin with balance

A balanced lifestyle starts with a balanced diet. Below is a recommended break-down for balancing fats, carbs, & protein depending on what stage you're in.

#2 Plan Routine Meals

Continue a balanced life into a consistency with meals. Many articles have proven the relevance of routine with meals. Planning is crucial as consistency is a key to weight management. Light snacking is fine, but try to avoid missing meals as this usually causes one to over-eat later.

#3 Have breakfast & avoid high sugar intake

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can be beneficial in appetite control and metabolism stimulation. Avoid high sugar intake throughout the day especially from liquids. The average male can properly handle about 40 grams of sugar per day and the average female 30 grams - which goes to show that one Dr. Pepper with lunch could mean your entire sugar intake for the day, and then some.

#4 Six meals trumps the traditional...

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Greed is the Greatest Cause for Financial Loss in Today's World

Whether we choose to believe it or not, greed is present in all of us. If we allow for greed to take root within us, then it will keep us from achieving what we value most in life. Solomon shows us how to prevent greed from consuming our lives. 

How Bad Do You Want It? Solomon describes greed as a deep yearning for something or wanting something so badly that we will do whatever it takes to get it. Greed isn't about what you want, whether it be cars, money, a bigger house, etc. Rather, Greed is about How bad you want it. This deep desire for something can grow in us like cancer. When we finally achieve that one thing we desperately wanted, our greed does not just vanish at that moment. We continue to want more.

Consequences of Greed. Greed is a powerful thing that can impact us in more ways than we can imagine. First, it can take away your life. Greed will become the center or our daily lives and purpose. We look to find fulfillment in money and other material...

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How to Overcome the Most Destructive Force in Relationships

faith & family Nov 27, 2017

                     "Wrath is cruel and anger is outrageous." -Proverbs 27:4

We see many instances in which a small conflict mixed with anger creates a devastating and traumatizing impact. Too often, there is news of a husband or boyfriend who kills his wife or girlfriend over something that started out as a small argument. We see parents anger get the best of them when they become violent toward their children. These are all the result of uncontrolled anger. Anger can destroy your happiness for a single moment or even a lifetime. It is a wrecking ball to our relationships.

                        "A quick-tempered man acts foolishly." -Proverbs 14:17.

The Power of Anger. In Proverbs, Solomon talks about how "wrath is fierce and anger is a flood." Solomon proceeds to describe anger as a downpour. When picturing a downpour, picture driving in your car when it is pouring...

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