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Solomon was the richest man who ever lived, and the wisest as well. Wherever you are in life, Proverbs can transform you. Come explore what Proverbs can do for you.

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In these life -changing programs, Steve reveals Solomon’s hidden treasures–often-overlooked wisdom for achieving breakthrough success in one’s work, health, marriage, and relationship with God. Proverbs Power effectively and practically equips viewers to apply Solomon’s inspired wisdom to accomplish their business, relational, and spiritual purposes.

Business Package


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Our Business Package comes with the following courses -

Turning Your Dreams Into Your Reality 

Breaking Through Mediocrity

The Art of Effective Communication (the #1 problem in business, parenting, and marriage) 

The Power of Effective Partnering

Turning Criticism's Pain Into Miracle-Making Gain 

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One Time Payment - Lifetime Access

Our Power Package Includes the Following...

Discovering the Secret Treasures of Proverbs

Overcoming Anger

Turning Criticism's Pain Into Miracle-Making Gain 

Resolving Conflict and Overcoming Adversity

The 4 Qualities That Make You Invaluable

The Happiness Secret 

The Power of Effective Partnering 

Effective Communication 

Reviving Relationships

Turning Your Dreams Into Your Reality

Breaking Through Mediocrity

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Learn what Donald Trump said about my strategies

Learn how to powerfully study Proverbs

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Grow Your Business

Get key insights, strategies, and tools you need to take the lead over the competition and take your business to the next level. Steven K. Scott's 15 strategies from Proverbs can transform your business life.

Improve Your Personal Life

Enter into life-long success, happiness, and fulfillment with Proverbs Power. The life you want is within your grasp, but you need clarity and wisdom to achieve it.

Achieve Lasting Happiness

Solomon gives us the code to true and lasting happiness. Steven K. Scott masterfully derives the wisdom from Proverbs to give you key christian insights and strategies to long and lasting happiness.

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"Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding." - Proverbs 3:13

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